Collateral management

Securities collateral

Eurex Clearing accepts approximately 10.000 securities that are as well admissible as collateral for the European Central Bank or the Swiss National Bank. On top, approximately 850 government bonds from Non-EU countries (AU, CA, JP, US) and selected equities (constituents of the DAX®, SMI® and EURO STOXX 50® Index) complete the admissible collateral spectrum.

Please click here for a daily updated complete list of acceptable collateral (admissible securities).

Clearing Members can choose to open collateral accounts at Clearstream Banking Frankfurt (CBF), Clearstream Banking Luxembourg (CBL), Euroclear Bank SA/NV or SIX SIS.

Alternatively, the triparty collateral services of CBL can be used with underlying CBF and CBL accounts.

Collateral Support

Find answers to collateral FAQs on the support page.
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