Delivery management

Delivery Management at Eurex Clearing is differentiating between  C7 SCS for all transactions involving CCP-eligible instruments concluded at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (MICs: XETR and XFRA) and for all physical deliveries out of Eurex Deutschland (MIC: XEUR) settling at Clearstream Banking Frankfurt or SIX SIS and Securities CCP for Repo transactions and CREST related settlements. Eurex Clearing offers Trade Date Netting (TDN) as the supported netting model with C7 SCS, whereas Securities CCP applies to Actual Settlement Date Netting (ASDN).

Trade Date Netting (TDN) is the mechanism offered with C7 SCS.

Actual Settlement Date Netting (ASDN) is the mechanism offered for Securities CCP.

Failure handling

We are aware that things do not always run smoothly. As one of the world's leading CCPs, we provide efficient solutions to help you when this is the case. Our failure handling procedure includes measures to accommodate late delivery processing as well as a buy-in and cash settlement models — learn more.

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