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C7 Release 9.1

With the introduction of the C7 Release 9.1, a new fee code will be available to provide Clearing Members with relevant fee information in real time and in a comprehensive manner. Additionally, Eurex Clearing will introduce the optional enhancement Value Based Average Pricing (VBAP). 

Simulation start: 04 April 2023
Production start: 22 May 2023

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Release Items/Participants Requirements



Action Item  

Fee identification code

C7 FIXML: the new field “FeeIdntCode” will be added to the Trade Capture Report, Position Maintenance Report and Allocation Report.

C7 Clearing GUI: the new “Fee Identification Code” field will be added to the relevant overview windows.

Clearing reports: CB012, CB165, CB715, CB716, CB750, CB751 and new report CB002.

Clearing Members need to implement the necessary changes to reflect the new fields.

Value Based Average Pricing (VBAP)

VBAP will be introduced in addition to the existing average price functionality and will enable average pricing based on notional values. 
VBAP is already available in simulation and will be introduced in production with this release.

Please note, that the GUI changes apply to all Clearing Members. FIXML changes apply only to Clearing Members, that actively use the functionality. 

Xml and csv reports are impacted as well. There are new fields in the reports: CB012, CB750, CB751 and the new report CB716. Please note changes to csv reports are mandatory. Clearing Members are requested to make the necessary adjustments.

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