Collateral management

Collateral management

As a leading clearing house we offer best-in-class, diversified collateral management services that create maximum value for our customers and simultaneously ensure the integrity of the clearing house.

Widest range of asset classes

We offer collateral management across cash, derivatives and securities financing – including the broadest collateral spectrum in the market, with over 10,000 instruments.

Your benefits

Our collateral management philosophy is to ensure the continued stability of the clearing house whilst allowing you to most efficiently use your capital.

Collateral reuse

Eurex Clearing accepts reuse of collateral, which has been received from GC Pooling® cash provider activities across eligible GC Pooling® Baskets covering the margin requirements arising from any product cleared by Eurex Clearing from Clearstream Banking Frankfurt (CBF) and Clearstream Banking Luxemburg clients (CBL).

Collateral optimization (via Clearstream Global Liquidity Hub)

Clearstream’s award-winning triparty collateral services offer you the safekeeping and monitoring of securities that are held as collateral to cover exposures of any bilateral principal agreement (including those cleared with EurexOTC Clear). As a neutral collateral agent, Clearstream handles all the allocation, optimization and substitution in straight-through processing and in real time.


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Collateral Support

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