Information Channels

Information Channels

Eurex uses several communication channels to inform Trading and Clearing Participants about announcement of new initiatives, legally binding items, updates on ongoing projects and a service status.

Here you can learn:

  • the difference between our communication channels
  • which information is distributed via each channel
  • how to use or subscribe the channels
  • other useful information

Eurex Information Channels - do you know the difference?

Gain a quick overview with this one-pager and choose now your preferred Eurex information channel(s) to stay informed!

Circulars & Newsflashes

Stay always up-to-date by subscribing to our Circulars & Newsflashes!

Implementation News

The latest news on the development and the implementation of T7 at Eurex Exchange can be found here.

Service Status

Displays information about delays and availability of selected reports and systems at start and end-of-day. All messages are automatically generated.