Transaction management listed securities

As part of our dedication to improving operational efficiencies, securities instruments benefit from the value chain of Eurex Clearing via seamless transaction management services.

Our  services have been designed to allow you a high degree of flexibility when setting up your back office processing.

Flexibility that provides you with greater capital and operational efficiencies.                                            

Benefits of our transaction management for securities include:

  • Standardized STP post-trading approach with flexible netting options
  • Netting allows the offsetting of buy and sell transactions whereby only the remaining surplus needs to be settled rather than settling individual transactions (gross processing)
  • Settlement day netting of multiple transactions creates direct savings in settlement transaction costs, increased efficiency and reduced operational costs
  • Ability to release or block sell transactions to avoid fails
  • Home market corporate actions policy

Gross Delivery Management

Eurex Clearing’s Gross Delivery Management system provides Clearing Members with a host of functionalities for transaction management.

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