Implementation News

Find the latest news on the development and the implementation of clearing systems at Eurex Clearing. 

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By means of Implementation News, Deutsche Börse provides its customers with the very latest and up to date information on a broad range of topics relating to both to the production and simulation environments.

The information may affect the handling of daily processes associated with trading activities on Eurex and clearing activities at Eurex Clearing. The Implementation News frequently provides information about special events as and when they happen.

Examples of the type of information provided is as follows:

  • Announcement and reminder about focus days being performed in the Simulation environment
  • Information relating to the availability of the simulation environment    
  • General announcements relating to simulation and production
  • Announcement of the activation or change in functionality in simulation and production
  • Announcement of new technical features in simulation and production
  • Announcement of configuration changes (e.g.) multicast addresses in simulation and production
  • Announcement of scheduled/unscheduled weekend environment maintenance for simulation and production
  • Reminders of important dates (e.g.) Changes to infrastructure or configuration in simulation and production
  • Announcement of documentation publication for simulation and production
  • Information regarding temporary restrictions or failures  (e.g.) Reports  
  • Information regarding the availability of the Cloud Simulation, Cloud Simulation maintenance and Cloud Simulation updates   
  • Announcement of connection tests start/end and "Go Live" information during release weekends
  • Announcement of Disaster Recovery test start/end and production restart information