Eurex Repo Clearing License

Centrally cleared secured funding and financing transactions provide both the sell- and the buyside with a fully integrated straight-through processing chain from trading to clearing all the way to settlement and collateral management.

In order to benefit from these automated and efficient processes, customers need to apply for a Eurex Repo Clearing license. These licenses authorize customers to clear transactions executed on the Eurex Repo trading system F7. The access to F7 requires a trading permission of Eurex Repo.

Eurex Repo Markets

Eurex Repo operates three markets for secured funding and financing with direct connection to Eurex Clearing: GC Pooling, Repo and SecLend. Furthermore, buy side customers benefit from customized trading and clearing permissions.

Do you want to become part of Eurex Clearing for secured funding and financing transactions? Please contact our Eurex Repo Relationship Management team for further information.

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