Clearing Reports Support

Eurex Clearing provides comprehensive information on risk, collateral and delivery management activities to its Clearing Members. Clearing processes take place on two back-ends: the CCP back-end and the Eurex back-end. For this reason, there are differences between the risk and collateral management reports delivered by the Eurex back-end and the delivery management reports provided by the CCP back-end. 

Some risk reports are delivered to members every few minutes to help them monitor any risks more closely. Important delivery reports are available up to eight times a day. 

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1. Where can I find my reports?

  • Reports can be found in Common Report Engine (CRE), Eurex Group’s central solution for trading and clearing report retrieval for Trading and Clearing Members and software vendors.
  • Reports for all markets we clear also covers the different environments (Production, Simulation).

2. Do I have to sign up to receive reports?

  • All Eurex reports are received automatically depending on the report periodicity (EoD/ EoM).
  • CCP Reports may be selected via the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the CCP (Securities Clearing GUI).

3. In which formats can I receive reports?

  • Eurex reports are available as text files and XML reports free of charge.
  • CCP reports can be ordered as print reports or raw data files. Raw data files can be ordered free of charge, for print reports we charge fee (EUR 250/ month). 


Supportive Documentation

  • CCP Report description: CCP Report documentation is available under CCP Releases. Please select the latest Release version and click on System Documentation > Technical Manuals.
  • Risk and Collateral Management Reports: These documents are available under C7 Releases. Please select the latest Release version and click on System Documentation > Eurex Reports.


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