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Membership Types

Cooperations admission requirements

In addition to the membership requirements outlined above for a Eurex Derivatives Licence , there are some specific requirements to consider if you would like to clear the products traded through one of our Co-operations partnerships.

Eurex/KRX Link

To enable trading of the Korean Won (KRW) denominated Eurex KOSPI Products, please contact your Trading Account Manager.

If you want to be able to clear these products on Eurex Clearing AG, there are some additional requirements:

  • KRW account with one of the two participating payment banks (Shinhan Bank or HSBC Seoul Branch) in South Korea directly or provided by a correspondent bank to settle cash obligations at the payment bank.
  • Power of attorney in favor of Eurex Clearing for all cash transactions resulting from the Eurex KOSPI Products denominated in KRW.

As an operational prerequisite, the participating Clearing Members that settle expired positions in the Eurex KOSPI Products into positions on KRX will be subject to a Supplementary Asia (“SUPA”) margin in Prisma to address the overnight risk of the actual positions.