28 Oct 2021

Eurex Clearing

Eurex Clearing Readiness Newsflash | EurexOTC Clear: Frozen Zones for Simulation and Production launch 2021

Eurex Clearing Readiness Newsflash | EurexOTC Clear: Frozen Zones for Simulation and Production launch 2021

Dear Clearing Member,

With this newsflash, Eurex Clearing announces the Frozen Zones planned in preparation of simulation and production launch of the EurexOTC Clear Releases in Q4 of 2021.

The Frozen Zones are mandatory in order to ensure a smooth introduction of new software on a stable data basis. 


Frozen Zone


Launch date

05.11.2021 – 11.11.2021

2nd LIBOR to RFR dress-rehearsal



Frozen Zone


Launch date

04.11.2021 – 08.11.2021

EurexOTC Clear Release 11.3 C3


18.11.2021 – 23.11.2021

EurexOTC Clear Release 12.0


03.12.2021 – 06.12.2021

LIBOR to RfR (CHF/JPY) conversion


17.12.2021 – 20.12.2021

LIBOR to RfR (GBP) conversion


During the above time periods, if not stated differently, it is prohibited to execute any of the named processes in the simulation or production environment (non-exhaustive list):

  • Any change of reference data for OTC Clearing Members and clients (e.g. account changes, product maintenance, Member or user change, Clearer change, cancellation of membership, new membership, static data etc.)

Required action: 

Clearing Members should consider the above timelines in their year-end plans especially for their client onboarding activity. To ensure in-time processing on our side, Clearing Members should apply for changes or new set-ups well in advance of the Frozen Zone or wait until it has finished.

If you have questions or comments, please send an e-mail to

Kind regards,

Your Client Services Team

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All Clearing Members, Basic Clearing Members, FCM Clearing Members, Disclosed Direct Clients of Eurex Clearing AG and vendors 

Target groups:

Front Office/Trading, Middle + Back Office, IT/System Administration, Auditing/Security Coordination



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