28 Mar 2024

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Eurex Clearing Readiness Newsflash | Intraday margin calls: Client communication enhancement

Eurex Clearing Readiness Newsflash | Intraday margin calls: Client communication enhancement

Dear customer,

At Eurex Clearing, increasing market integrity is key. We steadily challenge our status quo to enhance our tools and processes, paving the way for efficient risk management. Naturally, this also applies to the way we communicate relevant information. 

Currently, we use telephone and e-mail contacts provided by you to communicate information relevant to intraday margin calls. Going forward, Eurex Clearing will leverage the existing reporting landscape that is provided via Common Report Engine (CRE) and substitute current e-mail communication with standardized reports. 

As we value direct and immediate communication with you, telephone communication will remain in place unchanged. 

This integration will be advantageous for you in many ways. It will further standardize the intraday margin call process and leverage the existing reporting infrastructure to enable better integration of intraday margin call related information into your internal systems and processes, creating further automation potential. 

A combination with existing intraday risk reports will further increase transparency of intraday risk management processes at Eurex Clearing, allowing you to better monitor and manage your risk. 

Additional information on the existing infrastructure can be found here:  

Production go-live is currently not scheduled.

Upon request, individual dry runs can already be performed after 1 July 2024 in the simulation environment. 

Kind regards,

Your Client Services Team


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