05 Sep 2022

Eurex Clearing

Eurex Clearing Readiness Newsflash | Next Generation ETD Contracts updates: Readiness steps

Eurex Clearing Readiness Newsflash | Next Generation ETD Contracts updates: Readiness steps

Dear Clearing Member,

As announced via Eurex Clearing Circular 027/21, Eurex and Eurex Clearing will introduce the functional go-live of Next Generation ETD Contracts and the mandatory usage of the YYYYMMDD logic on 6 February 2023.

Eurex Clearing would like to help its clients with their readiness activities and ensure a smooth go-live. 

Eurex Clearing has, in close alignment with Clearing Members, identified the key steps required to achieve readiness by 6 February 2023. These are marked as checkpoints in the customer journey to readiness. We have developed a series of short online questionnaires to monitor the progress of the items for each checkpoint and, where required, to support clients with the individual readiness steps.

Whilst there is no requirement to complete this online questionnaire, Eurex encourages Clearing Members to do so in order to gather information on your market readiness. 

The following questionnaires will be made available over the next few months:

Checkpoint 1 

Ready to test? 

August 2022

Checkpoint 2

Aligned with clients?

September 2022

Checkpoint 3

Ready for end-to-end testing? 

October 2022

Checkpoint 4

End-to-end testing completed? 

November 2022

Checkpoint 5

Are all your major clients ready?

January 2023

As of today, all Clearing Members can indicate their progress by submitting their feedback to "Checkpoint 2 – Aligned with clients?" by Friday, 30 September 2022.

We kindly ask you to supply your progress even if you have not yet completed all suggested items. Afterwards, you can still fill out the questionnaire as you complete the items related to "Checkpoint 2 – Aligned with clients?". Please enter your dedicated Eurex Clearing PIN (this PIN is for security reasons) which has been sent to the Central Coordinator for your company and which must be used in the questionnaire.

Learn now more about Next Generation ETD Contracts on our dedicated initiative page under the following link: Support > Initiatives & Releases > Project Readiness > Next Generation ETD Contracts. System documentation, circulars, timeline and much more information is available there for you.

If you have questions or require further information, please contact us via e-mail:

Kind regards,
Your Client Services Team

Visit the Next Generation ETD Contracts webpage for all your Clearing and Trading content!


All Clearing Members, Basic Clearing Members, Disclosed Direct Clients of Eurex Clearing AG and vendors

Target groups:

Front Office/Trading, Middle + Back Office, IT/System Administration, Auditing/Security Coordination

Related Circular: 

Eurex Clearing Circular 027/21



Support > Initiatives & Releases > Project Readiness > Next Generation ETD Contracts