30 Jun 2021

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Member Section: Announcement of Member Section Release 2.3

Eurex Clearing Circular 058/21 Member Section: Announcement of Member Section Release 2.3

1.  Introduction

On 1 February 2021, Eurex Clearing introduced its redesigned “Member Section” client portal. With a new look and the intention to offer new features and a continuously enhancing user experience, a “release version” strategy is now introduced. This will provide more transparency on improvements.

With this circular, Eurex Clearing announces the introduction of the next Member Section enhancements: Member Section Release 2.3, which will go live on Monday, 12 July 2021.

We would like to inform you that all upcoming changes within the Member Section will be introduced with "Releases". The following table shows all releases already implemented or planned for 2021 so far: 

Tabelle_Releases_Eurex_E (1)

Please note that Member Section Releases 2.1 and 2.2 did not impact Clearing Members.

The Member Section Release 2.3 focuses on components of the Technical Connection. The following changes and enhancements will be introduced with Release 2.3:

  • Improved navigation structure
  • Improved Technical/Responsible Line Contact concept
  • Enhanced Requests & Configuration services
  • Introduction of the API Hub
  • Improved Incident Tickets handling permission

Production start: 12 July 2021

All information related to this release, i.e. FAQs, guides, tutorial videos will be made available in due course on the Eurex Clearing website under the following path:

Support > Initiatives & Releases > Member Section Releases > Release 2.3.

2.  Required action

Clearing Members, Multi-Member Providers and ISVs are requested to get familiar with the new structure and design of the Member Section interface as well as the changes described under item 3.B.

Please note that login details for the Member Section as well as uploaded certificates/keys will not change with the introduction of the Release 2.3.

3.  Details

A. Implementation and communication schedule for Member Section Release 2.3

The production launch of the Member Section Release 2.3 is planned for 12 July 2021. Eurex Clearing is committed to informing the users about the changes introduced with this new release in order to support adequate planning and to ensure a successful migration. All documentation and tutorial videos will be published in the upcoming weeks on the dedicated Member Section Release website under the following path:

Support > Initiatives & Releases > Member Section Releases > Release 2.3.

B. Overview of functional enhancements

This section provides an overview of the enhancements, which will be introduced with the Member Section Release 2.3:

Improved navigation structure

For a clear overview of the new navigation under the section “Technical Connection”, please refer to the “New Navigation” table. Based on their permission, users will no longer see all services but only those they are entitled to see and use.

Improved Technical/Responsible Line Contact concept

Since 1 February 2021 a new contact type is available via the Member Section: the “Technical” contact. With the introduction of the Release 2.3, the “Technical” contact will be needed when requesting connectivity. Therefore, Clearing Members are asked to have at least one company contact registered with the contact type „Technical“ before Release 2.3. This ensures a seamless processing of connectivity requests after the introduction of the new release.

Enhanced Requests & Configuration services

The major changes that are coming with the Member Section Release 2.3 are to enhance most of the features within the “Technical Connection” section, especially in the “Request & Configuration” area, so that Clearing Members can benefit from:

  • a more intuitive user interface
  • a clearer overview of their own infrastructure
  • easier connectivity requests through improved wizards
  • more detailed content in exports
  • faster performance when working with higher volumes of data

Introduction of the API Hub

With Release 2.3 Eurex Clearing will introduce the “API Hub”, enabling easy upload and download services for customers. The API Hub is a new application, which allows customers to subscribe to REST based APIs, which are provided by Eurex Clearing, using cloud infrastructure. These APIs can then be used in Clearing Members' implementations to read or post data. With the API Hub, Clearing Members will benefit from:

  • a secure and easy to use technology
  • greater variety of data formats
  • superior performance (it will be faster but uses less bandwidth)
  • better support for browser clients.

Some services, that are available today via the Download Agent, will also be available via the API Hub starting 12 July 2021.

The table below gives an overview of the services available via the Download Agent and API Hub.


With just a few steps users can consume the data via the API Hub. Further details on the API Hub usage are available in the Member Section 2.3 Technical Connection - User Guide.

Please note that after a transition period, the API Hub will replace the Download Agent, which is currently using the SOAP technology and will not be supported for much longer. Details about the decommissioning of the Download Agent will be communicated in a separate Eurex Clearing circular in due course.  

Improved Incident Tickets handling permission concept

With Release 2.3, users will experience a better performance and more intuitive design of the interface. To access the Incident Tickets, the newly introduced user permission “Incident Ticket Maintenance” is required. To request this permission, Clearing Members need to go to:

My Profile > Permissions > Technical Connection.

The request will need to be approved by the Central Coordinator or Deputy.

Further improvements of the “Technical Connection” section will be introduced with the next Member Section Releases. Detailed information will be communicated in due course.

Unless the context requires otherwise, terms used and not otherwise defined in this circular shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Clearing Conditions or FCM Clearing Conditions of Eurex Clearing AG, as applicable.

Further information


All Clearing Members, Basic Clearing Members, Disclosed Direct Clients, FCM Clearing Members of Eurex Clearing AG and vendors, all users of the Member Section

Target groups:

Front Office/Trading, Middle + Backoffice, IT/System Administration, Auditing/Security Coordination


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