02 Mar 2022

Eurex Clearing

Index derivatives: Update on MSCI Russia Index Derivatives

Eurex Clearing Circular 011/22 Index derivatives: Update on MSCI Russia Index Derivatives

1.  Introduction

The Management Board of Eurex Deutschland has decided today to terminate trading in MSCI Russia options (OMRU), effective 2 March 2022 at the close of trading 17:30 CET. OMRU does not have any open interest.

The two MSCI Russia Index Futures (FMRU, FMRS) will continue to trade. Eurex will closely align with the index provider on further steps.

Eurex Deutschland reserves the right to immediately take any further appropriate measures, if such become necessary due to measures of the index provider of the above mentioned derivatives or the overall development with regards to the war in Ukraine.

2.  Required action


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