19 Jul 2021

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20 years of Eurex Repo: thank you very much for all the good wishes

Celebrating one’s 20th birthday is even more fun when you get so many good wishes from partners and friends. It confirms that we are on the right track and we will continue to be committed. Thank you to everyone who thought of us.


“Dear 'birthday child' Eurex Repo,

Hardly older than you, in May 2002, the Finance Agency conducted the first repo transaction for the Federal Republic of Germany. With whom? With you, Eurex Repo.

A lot has happened since. The repo business, which we trade almost entirely through you, has become a substantial factor in the market presence oft the Federal Republic of Germany. GC Pooling has replaced the previously dominant unsecured money business at the federal government, and the share of specials in our activities has risen steadily. We both have grown and in the process, we have also grown together a bit.

Congratulations to you, dear Eurex Repo, we wish you the very best for the future! We are happy to have such a competent partner at our side.”

Thomas Weinberg, on behalf of Finance Agency of the Federal Republic of Germany

“From vision to reality: in twenty years Eurex Repo has grown into the strategic liquidity management and funding platform for Europe.

I can still remember the early project phases of Eurex Repo in the late nineties and then the first steps into live production twenty years ago. In retrospect, the platform was not a reaction to a market crisis, rather it can be considered as foresighted endeavour.

Thanks to some enthusiastic and focused visionary leaders, who at times had to exercise a degree of stubbornness, the platform is now critical to the functioning of the European financial markets. Thanks for supporting our business and serving the market. Happy anniversary!”

 – Felix Oegerli, Head Trading, Sales & Capital Markets at ZKB

“With the development of the GC Pooling product, Eurex Repo has had a lasting influence, changed and shaped the European Money Market. The congratulations are paired with some pride to have been involved from the beginning. Keep it up!”

– Michael Schneider, Department Head Liquidity/Collateral Management at DZ Bank AG

“Eurex Repo unprecedented story of progress and success for the last 20 years is based on strong partnership, with all of its member firms from the very beginning. Happy anniversary.”

– Arne Theia, Head of Repo and Collateral trading at Unicreditgroup

“Happy Anniversary Eurex Repo. It’s been a great success for Eurex Repo to establish and develop their repo markets for such a broad range of clients across Europe. In particular the GC Pooling Market has proven to be a unique service to ensure funding and market stability in times of stress.”

– Gareth Allen, Managing Director, Global Head of Investment and Execution, UBS

“Happy 20 year anniversary to Eurex Repo. I have had the pleasure of using the platform as a market participant whilst at UBS, and partnering with the platform as part of HQLA’s collaboration with Deutsche Börse Group. Looking forward to the next 20 years!”

– Guido Stroemer, Co-Founder and CEO HQLAx

“I am very proud to have been part of the Eurex Repo team for almost 20 years. Together with all the experts across the DBG value chain of Trading, Clearing and Collateral Management/Settlement, we have successfully contributed to the growth and importance of the repo markets as an innovation leader. I am especially grateful for the many exciting encounters made in the whole repo community. Thank you all for sharing the passion and your continuous contribution.

I can look back to many achievements throughout the years, with the successful launch of the GC Pooling market as a major milestone. I wish Eurex Repo all the best for its 20th anniversary and cheers to further great achievements to come!”

– Marcel Naas, Managing Director Eurex Securities Transaction Services, Member of the Executive Board at Eurex Global Derivatives

“Congratulations to 20 years Eurex Repo. Being part of the success story from the beginning I saw Eurex Repo growing from a few special Jumbo repo into a multibillion Trading Platform. Well done and keep on moving.”

– Marco Hosenseidl, Head of Secured Funding & Collateral Management, Commerzbank AG

“I was there for the first 10 years and it was the most amazing professional experience in my life. It was difficult and complicated; it was uphill all the way; it was challenging all the way! It was exciting! Without the GENIUS of Marcel Naas, the total devotion of all the teams in London, Paris and Frankfurt and the support of those (sometimes reluctant) early internal and external adopters I know we wouldn't have made it... especially during those first low volume years where we regularly wondered if we'd survive! The introduction of Euro GC Pooling after years of internal and external headwinds, proved to be the most visible landmark but there were others. The day I left I cried.”

 Gabriel Frediani, Head of European Expansion at BondCliQ - Business Development Advisor at Katana Labs

“There was a time (in a former world...) where the Eurex team, in partnership with Clearstream, helped us (Dexia) to become one of their biggest cash takers! Since then we have evolved back to our natural role of cash providers. Both sides work very well on their revolutionary platform, which covers a large asset spectrum. Happy birthday Eurex!”

– Jeffrey van Impe, Head of Repo & Money Market (STIR), Belfius Bank

“Happy birthday Eurex! You are a key player in the Repo market. You are constantly striving for excellence with a high-performance platform. You are an ESG pioneer by having proposed the first Green basket in the market and above all you have a great team that makes you so valuable. Let me just say 'Thank you'!”

– Julie Lardinois, Senior Repo Trader & Investment Portfolio Manager, Belfius Bank

“Congratulations to Eurex for making Eurex Repo and especially GC Pooling a great success!”

– Patrick Maisborn, Head of Banking Book at LBBW

“Congrats guys and many thx for the great support! Happy anniversary and nice greetings from Vienna!”

– Angela Pacher, Trader at Raiffeisenbank International, Vienna

"Congratulations Eurex Repo!! The combination of liquidity driven GC Pooling with the security driven Specials on a single platform made your service a leading tool. Well done. Keep it going."

– Ulf Bacher, Partner & Chief Sales Officer, Sernova Financial