29 Apr 2022

Eurex Clearing | Eurex

Eurex extends incentive program to switch interest rates swap positions into the EU

To support banks and institutional investors in migrating OTC interest rate derivatives positions into the EU, Eurex Clearing has extended its incentive program until the end of 2022.

Under the CCP Switch Incentive Program, positions in OTC interest rate swaps (IRS), overnight index swaps (OIS), and zero-coupon swaps (ZCIS) that are transferred to Eurex Clearing are completely exempted from booking fees.

Matthias Graulich, member of the Eurex Executive Board, said, "With this new extension of our incentive program, Eurex Clearing remains committed to a market-driven solution that supports the regulatory goals of bringing more euro clearing to the EU and creating a healthier environment with more competition and less risk concentration."