27 May 2021


New Futures and Options on MSCI indexes available for trading from 31 May 2021

Derivatives on MSCI China Hong Kong Listed Large Cap, MSCI Hong Kong Listed Large Cap, MSCI China Tech 100 and other Asian underlyings as well as MSCI ESG Enhanced Focus, Europe Sector and USA Factor indexes

  • MSCI China Hong Kong Listed Large Cap and MSCI Hong Kong Listed Large Cap derivatives offer investment opportunities in Hong Kong and Chinese companies. These indexes have solely Hong Kong listed constituents. 
    o    These derivatives are also launched in response to the US Executive Order which restricted trading in certain Chinese stocks and impacted the tradability of existing indexes.
  • MSCI China Tech 100 Index Futures offers investment opportunities in companies that are on the forefront of the technology and innovation led economy in China.

ESG derivatives on MSCI Enhanced Focus Indexes 

  • MSCI Enhanced Focus Indexes are designed to maximize exposure to ESG metrics
  • While reducing exposure to carbon by 30%, and
  • Maintaining risk and return characteristics similar to their respective benchmarks