14 Jul 2022


Eurex Quarterly Equity News Q2/2022

Single Stock Futures show strong growth in Q2

Market wrap-up 

Based on the high volatility in equity and interest rate markets in the course of Q2, the focus of investors was rather on benchmark index and interest rate derivatives compared to single stock underlyings.

We observed less activity nearly across all country segments on a quarter-to-quarter basis compared to last year. The Swiss and Austrian segment showed slight growth in terms of traded contracts. On a single name comparison the financial segment was again in the lead with Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, UBS, Crédit Agricole and Zurich Insurance Group within the top 10 most traded single equity options. In contrary to the options segment, the single stock futures segment, beside the French and Italian underlyings, showed strong growth numbers across all country segments. 

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