01 Sep 2021

Update on EONIA-ESTR Conversion – EurexOTC Clear Simulation

Please be informed that one-off reports CC350, CD200, CB201 and CB202 with the timestamp of Saturday, 4 Sept 2021 (e.g. 85RPTCD200MEMBERID20210904.XML.ZIP) have been created and are available on CRE.

CC350 Trade Conversion Transparency Report will contain the information for the conversion of LIBOR trades (CHF,GBP, and JPY) to RFR trades starting from EOD 1 September 2021.

Concerning Report availability, please feel free to reach out to Customer Technical Support / Technical Helpdesk.

Service times: From Mon 01:00 until Fri 22:00 CET (no service on Saturday and Sunday).

P: Please contact via your personal VIP number.