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BNP Paribas (BNTFR)

The Clearing Member has, on a voluntarily basis, provided information on its sustainability as well as referred to research, reports and available ratings from various agencies. The information provided by the Clearing Member are not verified by Eurex Clearing AG and the links provided by the Clearing Member lead to external sites.

ESG Profile

As a proven leader in sustainable finance and accelerating transition across all markets, BNP Paribas is the reference bank for sustainability. The Bank leverages its global expertise for local reach, all whilst ensuring tangible and material impact. BNP Paribas is going beyond the net zero norms, and integrating tangible transition policies and solutions into the business model. This integration is across every function and is empowering staff to learn about sustainability. This has transformed the entire business of banking at BNP Paribas. As a result, BNP Paribas has become market leader in the Execution & Clearing of ESG Listed Derivatives.




Score: 71
Rating Scale: 0 to 100


Score: 84
Rating Scale: 0 to 100


Score: C+
Rating Scale: D- to A+


Score: AA
Rating Scale: CCC to AAA

FTSE Russell

Score: 4.4
Rating Scale: 0 to 5