02 Feb 2023

CPS Simulation Delay of Cash Reports on Thursday 02.02.23

The CPS Simulation batch on Thursday, 02.02.23 will be paused due to the T2-T2S Migration Weekend Dress Rehearsal (MWDR). Cash Reports for business day Thursday, 02.02.23 will not be provided on Friday, 03.02.23. The MWDR activities will be executed on Saturday, 04.02.23 in line with the ECB playbook.

The report TA711 ("All active/inactive series”) will be triggered separately and it will be available on Friday, 03.02.23.

The CPS Simulation batch as of 02.02.23 will be completed on Wednesday, 08.02.23 morning. NTP payments generated by CPS will have the value date of 08.02.23. The cash reports of business day 02.02.23 (CD010, CD011, CD012, CD015, CD710, CD711, CD712, CD715) will be generated on Wednesday morning (08.02.23).

Note: The next batch after the MWDR will be Wednesday 08.02.23 according to the Simulation calendar for Eurex derivatives trading & derivatives clearing