EurexOTC Clear Release 9.2

With OTC Release 9.2 Eurex Clearing introduced several functional and technical changes for all EurexOTC Clear products. On this website, all relevant information for this release will be published.

Simulation start: 15 May 2019
Production start: 17 June 2019

Participation requirements

Eurex Clearing expanded the EurexOTC Clear Service (OTC IRS and OTC Currency Products) with the following functionalities:

  • FpML TradeEntry Interface (used by Approved Trade Sources): The existing “Trade Entry API Ping Response” message is changed from binary to text format as for other trade entry API requests.
  • Logic for populating the WF-Role in FpML messages: The WFRole is now “Client” if the trade is booked in the General Clearing Member's Specified Client Account or any Disclosed Client (DC)'s accounts (P-Account, A1-A9-Account or any fund account under the DC).
  • New report CC209: The report is a subset report of CC204 showing initial Margin figures and is now available in csv-format.
  • Internal trade ID in reports: Existing reports are enhanced to show both the internal trade id for the CM and DC (with Member ID).

The following changes are only relevant for the US Clearing Model (LSOC) for Swap clearing:

  • The LSOC service offering has been enhanced to support the “LSOC Without Excess Model” (see number 6.4 of the FCM Regulations of Eurex Clearing AG) and to support fund manager and other DC set-ups, as for the European model.
  • For the Post Trade Event (PTE) “account transfer”, a take-up process has been introduced. This allows US Clearing Members (FCM Clearing Members) to perform a risk/limit check during an account transfer process (trades will be stopped at “PTE_WAIT_TAKEUP” status until the new Clearing Member/FCM Clearing Member has accepted the trade).

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