Technology roadmap

Eurex Clearing is one of the leading central counterparties globally assuring the safety and integrity of markets while providing innovation in risk management and clearing technology.
Eurex Clearing's success has been built on the development of reliable and state-of-the art, customer-focused technology. Our Technology Roadmap - which comprises of a variety of components across all trading and clearing layers - includes the implementation of software and hardware enhancements. That way we aim to minimize the impact on our Members when upgrading software and launching new services.
Eurex Clearing has proven its innovative strength and as such, has become one of the market leaders within the global clearing community. As a matter of course, we continuously further enhance our services for the benefits of our customers and the wider financial market place.
Throughout our history, we have worked to introduce powerful risk management and clearing technology that both address our Members' current needs yet also anticipate future developments in the financial landscape.

Easy and flexible connectivity

In order to provide our Members with innovative and cost-efficient technologies, our latest clearing interfaces use industry standards such as FIXML which lets you benefit from increased customization as we will not be specifying any hardware or software requirements - leaving you free to choose the technology that’s right for your business. This reduction in programming complexity allows further cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Risk management technology

At Eurex Clearing, we are continuously shaping the standards of risk management. By raising the benchmark for risk calculation, we are improving the safety and integrity of the marketplace. Our various risk control services benefit both our customers and the greater marketplace by enhancing overall safety.

Real-time risk monitoring

Eurex Clearing has been performing real-time risk calculation since June 2009. In March 2010, we led the industry by introducing real-time risk management for Clearing Members and their clients. Our Enhanced Risk Interface provides risk and position data, offering real-time risk information on derivatives positions and near-real-time risk information for non-derivatives positions.
This interface uses FIXML-based messages via the industry standard Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). AMQP is an open standard with a specific focus on the financial services industry which can be used royalty free. Eurex Clearing was the first clearing organization to use the new standard business messaging protocol, which allows our Members to choose the platform and programming language for their client applications.

Eurex Clearing Prisma

Eurex Clearing Prisma calculates combined risks across the markets and venues cleared by Eurex Clearing for products that share similar risk characteristics. These calculations occur within customer and proprietary positions according to Liquidation Groups resulting in more accurate risk calculations. This allows us to provide higher capital efficiencies and a stronger risk management framework to our customers.

  • The roll-out is driven by product groups and launched in a step-by-step approach since May 2013
  • During the migration period, both methods (Eurex Clearing Prisma and Risk-based Margining) will run in parallel allowing Members and clients to choose the methodology per product and per account.

At the end of the migration period, Eurex Clearing Prisma will completely replace the current Risk-based Margining methodology.

Eurex Clearing’s C7

Delivering innovation on a broad scale, Eurex Clearing’s C7 is designed to leave no footprint on the participant side allowing you to choose the technology that’s right for your business. C7 is designed to ensure more flexibility for the introduction of new products & services and keeps you well prepared for evolving regulatory changes.

As a result of many years of continuous investment, market consultation and regular upgrades, our superior technology ensures that we remain in the best position to serve our customers.
So as conditions continue to change, we always keep our Members clear to trade.