Eurex/KRX Link

Trading and clearing requirements

In order to be able to trade the Eurex/KRX Link Product at Eurex, you must fulfill certain requirements.  

For Trading Participants:

  • Submit the application form "Application for Participation for the Clearing of Eurex KOSPI Daily Futures contracts" to confirm the Eurex member's relationship with at least one KRX member. An agreement between the Eurex member and its KRX member must include the obligation for the KRX member to establish the corresponding options or futures position resulting from the Eurex/KRX Link Products in the KRX system. The registration form also includes the confirmation of the Eurex member's awareness of pre-margining regulatory requirements in Korea and that Eurex members agree to adhere to them. 
  • When entering an order in the Eurex/KRX Link Products, provide the 3-digit reference number of the KRX member (KRX member ID) and at least 1 of the maximum 9-character identification number (for the KRX member to identify the relevant account) into the settlement information fields “External Member ID” and “Final Beneficiary”. The Eurex® system checks at order/quote entry that
    • a relationship between the Eurex member entering the order/quote and the KRX member ID exists.
    • a minimum of 1 of the 9 characters for the identification number is entered. 

Authorize Eurex Clearing to transfer the settlement information per identification number to the KRX members via KRX.

Further requirements for Clearing Members:

  • South Korean won account with Shinhan Bank or The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Seoul Branch (HSBC Seoul) directly or provided by a correspondent bank to settle cash obligations at Shinhan Bank or HSBC Seoul.
  • Power of attorney in favor of Eurex Clearing for all cash transactions resulting from the Eurex KOSPI Products denominated in KRW.