Eurex/KRX Link

Clearing procedures

Eurex Clearing monitors the development of the product during the day. Intra-day margin calls are possible and are made in the Eurex Clearing member's standard currency (USD, CHF, GBP, EUR). At the end of the trading day, Eurex Clearing calculates a daily profit/loss based on the difference between the traded and settlement price (variation margin). The daily profit/loss calculation appears in the Eurex® system as variation margin. Resulting cash flows are paid or received in South Korean won (KRW). Therefore, the South Korean won is integrated into the existing cash processing/reporting structure of Eurex Clearing. The payment deadline for KRW is 15:00 KST (7:00* CET).

Additionally, Eurex Clearing ensures the transfer of settlement information for Eurex/KRX Link Product to KRX at the end of each Eurex trading day. KRX transfers this information to the respective KRX member for entry of the respective Eurex/KRX Link Product into the KRX system via the Eurex Block Trade Services prior to the market opening at KRX. Therefore, all open interest in the Eurex/KRX Link Product is consolidated at KRX99.