C7 Release 7.0.1

Eurex Clearing will introduce C7 Release 7.0.1 (previously known as “C7 Release 7.0 Update”) on 22 March 2021. An overview of the release content relevant for Clearing Members is available on this website. This release impacts Eurex Clearing ETD clients in ECAG and ECC. To ensure effective information distribution, we kindly ask interested persons to subscribe to the RSS feed of this website.

Simulation start: 1 February 2021
Production start: 22 March 2021

Frozen zones:
There are no specific Frozen Zones for member set up activities required for C7 7.0.1, however C7 onboarding activities will not be permitted during frozen zones defined by Prisma release 10.1. During these frozen zones no member and product setup activities are possible.
Simulation start: 28.01.2021 – 02.02.2021 
Production start:  11.03.2021 – 16.03.2021

Features and Enhancements / Participation requirements

With C7 Release 7.0.1 the following functional and technical changes are being introduced: 

The following items refer to FIXML Settlement Prices in broadcast messages published by C7. Most of the back-office systems can handle the below changes without making any implementations on their side.

For preparation, clients need to check if their AMQP back office library is compatible with the C7 changes and make the necessary adjustments if required.

  • Settlement Price Corrections
    With the new behaviour, a price update will always trigger to publish all prices of the respective product and a changed timestamp. 
  • Removal of final settlement price message for futures
    The final settlement price message for futures will not be provided anymore since it corresponds to the daily settlement price of the front month future contract and therefore already contained in the daily settlement price message.
  • Introduction of expiration date to daily settlement prices
    Expiration date will be added to all contract related price messages such as the daily settlement price. 
  • Alignment of SenderCompID 
    SenderCompID field of the FIXML header will replace the current value “CCP” by the actual clearing house of the product (i.e. “ECAG” or “ECC”) in order to align with all other FIXML messages created in C7.

In addition to the FIXML broadcast messages described above, other items in scope are:

  • Introduction of new Trade Type
    Eurex Clearing will introduce a new TES Trade Type in order to support Compression trades in 2021.

Report changes & Report Introductions:




New TES Trade Type “K” will
be introduced in reports
CB001, CB012, CB013,
CB165, CB315, CB715, CB750,
CB751 and CI012

01 Feb 2021

22 March 2021

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In case of any questions please contact us at client.service@eurex.com.