08 Jan 2021


Eurex more than satisfied with MSCI December roll results

96 percent market share in MSCI Asia underlying futures, 50 percent in MSCI derivatives globally

Eurex continues the success story of its MSCI segment in the December roll month and once again proves that it is the exchange of choice for trading Asia Pacific MSCI derivatives. After the recent roll, Eurex starts the first quarter holding more than 86 percent of global Open Interest in MSCI derivatives on Asian underlyings, compared to 47 percent at the end of 2019.  Overall, Eurex holds 50 percent market share globally in MSCI related derivatives.

Eurex significantly increased its market shares in terms of Open Interest year-on-year in both developed and emerging markets in Asia. Market share in MSCI Japan rose from 54 percent at the end of 2019 to 92 percent a year later and in MSCI Australia from 39 percent to 100 percent. Market share in MSCI Taiwan increased from 1 percent to 89 percent and in MSCI Thailand from 6 percent to 84 percent over the same period.

The positive trend continues as Singapore Exchange prepares to delist its MSCI futures by February 2021. To mitigate the uncertainty and potential loss of liquidity in futures contracts based on Asian underlyings, international investors are shifting their business to similar MSCI futures listed at Eurex, trusting our decade of experience and liquidity in MSCI derivatives.

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