30 Sep 2020

Eurex Exchange, Eurex Clearing

One Eurex: welcome to our refreshed branding

Since Eurex’s founding, innovation has been in our DNA. We are known in the market as pioneers – we disrupted European derivatives market when we launched in 1998 and we’ve continued to relentlessly innovate ever since. Our values haven’t changed. We remain ingenious, agile and resilient; shaping markets and delivering inventive solutions for our clients. Yet, as you can see reading this article on our website, something has now changed: our branding.

The most important message here is that we are one Eurex. One brand for both trading and clearing; one company and one team. This is how we see ourselves, and how the market sees us. This unity reflects the way we approach our offering to the market: as a fully integrated ecosystem and a one-stop-shop for clients to seamlessly and efficiently manage risks.

The new branding is the culmination of nearly a year’s work – six months working on the strategy and concept, and another six months implementing the new look with internal and external partners. This new look is certainly no revolution – we retain a strong connection with our former design and, instead of completely overhauling this, we have sought to refresh our look and focus on several key messages. As well as bringing us up-to-date, we want our new branding to bring greater clarity, in terms of who we are and what we stand for, and to do this via greater consistency across the various parts of Eurex.

Alongside this message of a single brand across trading and clearing, our new look conveys a range of other themes.  First and foremost, this is that we are the “Architects of trusted markets”. We are the globally trusted European home of trading, clearing and risk management, and we play a key part in fostering sustainable economic growth by creating and maintaining stable markets that work for all participants.

So please take some time to explore our new look website and enjoy our new visual representation – it’s certainly something you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future.