05 Oct 2021

C7 SCS Production: UPDATE CE895/6/7 as of 01/10/2021 missing Delivery ID information.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please be informed that the report CE895/6/7 as of 1st October, where Delivery ID information was missing, was now re-run. Corrected version can be found in CRE as the second version of the report for Business Date 1st October.

For further information please refer to https://www.eurex.com/ec-en/find/production-newsboard/C7-SCS-Production-CE895-6-7-as-of-01-10-2021-missing-Delivery-ID-information.-2602760

In case of any questions please contact ccp@eurex.com or +49 - (0)69-211-11940.