27 Jul 2020

Take-Up of client trades not working via OTC GUI nor FPML API on July 27,2020

Dear OTC Clearing Members,

The EONIA-€STR discounting switch was successfully executed over the weekend. Tomorrow all compensation fees are expected to settle.

As part of the process, no Post Trade Events (Trade Transfers, Netting etc) on the EUR currency trades are allowed today. However, this restriction is wrongfully applied to the Take-Up functionality of client trades both via the OTC Clear GUI or FPML API as well.

Members who are facing take-up issues of client trades should please reach out to OTC Clear Team via email otcclear@eurexclearing.com or hotline on +49 69 211 12828 for a resolution.

All client trades that are not taken up by 22:00 CEST will be automatically rejected and will have to be resubmitted on the next day for clearing.

On July 28, 2020, this restriction will be lifted and client trade take-ups and PTEs can be normally processed again.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.