17 Oct 2017

Update on Aroundtown SA, ISIN LU1673108939

On 04th of October end of day, a custody type change from non-collective safe custody (NCSC) to collective safe custody (CSC) was conducted for Aroundtown SA, ISIN LU1673108939.  Switch from NCSC to CSC is currently not foreseen in the CCP system.


In order to ensure processing of upcoming settlements in the ISIN, Eurex Clearing keeps instructing Aroundtown SA instrument with CBF(i) as settlement location. Corresponding information was sent to the clients via Production Newsboard and via CCP Releases distribution list on 05th of October.


At the same time Eurex Clearing is currently working on a solution to switch all pending trades from the 6-series/CBF(i) accounts to the corresponding CASCADE/CBF accounts of the clients.


Currently the change for production switch is planned for end of WN44.