CCP Release 16.0

Eurex Clearing's Securities

On Monday, 19 November 2018, Eurex Clearing introduced the CCP Release 16.0. The CCP Release 16.0 has an impact on the CCP services. It is voluntary for all members of Eurex Clearing and contains the following changes:

  • Reduction of buy-in release restrictions following an unsuccessful buy-in auction.
  • Introduction of pipe-separated report “RPTTC100 - Repo Trade Confirmation” for Clearing Members, Settlement Institutions and Trading Members.
  • Introduction an additional field value in formatted and RAW report “TC755 – Repo Fixings”.
  • CSD-R Asset Services – Status Payment authorisation: Eurex Clearing is adapting its corporate action processing in order to align the further process with Clearstream Banking AG. It mainly has an impact on income events where the cash is booked after authorisation of payments by the issuer for markets, where Clearstream AG follows the same rule.

To receive more information, we ask all Clearing Members to register at least one Project Coordinator and one Simulation SPOC responsible for CCP Release 16.0 via the Member Section on the Eurex Clearing website under: Member Section > Contacts > Your internal contacts > Release Contacts. Further information on this matter will only be distributed to the contacts that have been registered in the Member Section.

A Member simulation for CCP Release 16.0 is available since 24 September 2018. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact your dedicated Group Client Key Account Manager Clearing or send an email to