EurexOTC Clear Release 11.2

Eurex Clearing introduced EurexOTC Clear Release 11.2 in June 2021. To ensure a smooth readiness for Release 11.2  an overview of release relevant content for EurexOTC Clear Members is available on this website.  

New features, changes and improvements: 

  • TriOptima Portfolio Compression Service Enhancement
  • Extension of MC API
  • GUI - Update

Simulation start: 12 May 2021 
Production start: 28 June 2021

OTC 11.2 (1)


System Documentation

The OTC system documentation are stored in the Member Section under the following path: Resources > Eurex Clearing > Documentation & Files > EurexOTC Clear > System documentation.


Frozen Zone


  • 06.05.2021 – 13.05.2021


  • 25.03.2021 – 30.03.2021
  • 24.06.2021 – 29.06.2021


The Readiness Statement for the OTC Release 11.2 needs to be submitted by 18 June 2021 latest.

In this case, since two conditions are not fulfilled, it will be considered as a new trade and novated accordingly.

Detailed information has been published via a dedicated newsflash. Please check this newsflash: 

Note: This question is related to OTC Release 11.3.

The remnant trade will depend on definition of the original trade. If the original is in ISDA 2006 Definitions, then remnant trade will also be in ISDA 2006 Definitions. In the same way, if the original is in ISDA 2021 Definitions, then remnant trade will be in ISDA 2021 Definitions.

Note: This question is related to OTC Release 11.3. 

The fees will be calculated and attached to each trade that will be affected by EONIA/€STR transition.

Note: This question is related to OTC Release 11.3. 

There is no impact. No FpML Interface schema file changes are foreseen due to TriOptima enhancements.

If you have not been using the Report CC222, the changes will not impact you.

Readiness Videos

Release Items/Participants Requirements



Action Item

TriOptima Portfolio Compression Service Enhancement

With the objective of further increasing the portfolio compression efficiency, Eurex Clearing will enhance its portfolio compression service to support the following additional compression methodologies with TriOptima: Upscaling, Trade revision and Trade refactoring.

Clearing Members are required to check newly added functions in addition to Downscaling turned on while they are submitting their request to TriOptima.

Extension of MC API

Existing MC API will be enhanced in order to allow submission of request for an original OTC IRS production Book ID without adding any OTC transactions to the request or to allow a Clearing Member to submit request on behalf of its disclosed clients.

Only technical readiness of ETD and cross-margining between ETD and OTC IRS derivatives in EurexOTC Clear Release 11.2 will be achieved. Extension for ETD and cross-margining will be available for members with Prisma Release 10.3 with go-live on Monday, 6 September 2021.

Clearing Members can benefit from this functionality while conducting what-if calculation.

Clearing Members who want to benefit from MC API extension for ETD and OTC need to make changes.

New cashflow instruction logic for Clearer Changes

In case of a Clearer Change the required compensation for the trade value will be implemented by automatically attaching a termination fee to the terminated trade and an upfront fee to the newly created trade.

Report CC203/CC222 will have new values for field feeType. Those new values will be "Termination Fee Clearer Change" respectively "Upfront Fee Clearer Change". Customers are required to do relevant changes if those reports are used.

Instruction of termination fees always on termination date

Termination fees and also upfront fees that correspond to the termination fee of another trade (in case of a post trade event like a trade transfer) will be instructed directly on the termination date of a trade in all cases.

This is a process change. Clearing Members need to assess whether this change impacts their internal processes.

Usage of the Default Agent Account

The default agent account (usually A1-Account) of a Clearing Member will no longer be used to book unknown client deals or to book client deals that are not properly mapped to a known Clearing Member.

This functionality, as it is now, is switched on for all participants. If clients would like to switch this functionality off, they are asked to contact their Key Account Manager or

Relaxation of eligibility criteria for backdated stub periods

If a trade contains a front stub period with payment date in the past, the trade can newly be novated even if it uses special stub interpolation tenors that are not regularly supported by EurexOTC Clear.

This is a process change. Clearing Members need to assess whether this change impacts their internal process.

Adapted Price Alignment Interest logic for T+2 currencies

For T+2 trade currencies (JPY, SEK, NOK, DKK), the Price Alignment Interest (PAI) will be determined with a slightly adapted logic. For a PAI interest rate period from T to T+1, the amount will now be instructed already in T-1 in order to allow for timely settlement in T+1.

Only customers who have T+2 Trade currencies in their portfolio are impacted by this change. If you are unsure whether you have these trades in your portfolio, please contact your Key Account Manager or

Marking MarkitWire-Trades as Backloaded

A trade (IRS and XCCY) loaded from the MarkitWire system will be classified as backloaded trade in EurexOTC clear system only if the trade date is older than 10BDs and the trade is flagged as backloaded in MarkitWire GUI interface.

Only if these two conditions are fulfilled, a MW trade will be set as backloaded trade in the Eurex system. Otherwise, the trade will be loaded as normal bilateral trade.

If clients want to backload a trade to Eurex System they need to ensure the following:

-in MarkitWire GUI, clients should enter a trade date older than 10 BDs - select the backloading checkbox in the MW GUI window which sets the Originating Event on the processing tab to "Backload".

Interface Changes

With Release 11.2 AMQP Brokers for FpML API, TradeEntry API and MC API will support only security protocol TLS 1.2 or higher.

Please update security protocol TLS to 1.2 or higher versions.

GUI enhancements to improve usability for customers

  • Take-up window enhancements
  • Results table auto-height
  • Improve PTE Error Handling with multiple Requests

No action required.

Report enhancements

Report CC203/CC222 will have new values for field feeType. Those new values will be "Termination Fee Clearer Change" respectively "Upfront Fee Clearer Change". Report CD211 will have structural changes to handle the historical quote correction. Report CC221 will have additional four parameters.
Details will be soon available in the  EurexOTC Report Manual for OTC Release 11.2.

Please make sure that relevant report changes are reflected in your internal processes.

Member Section

Are you looking for information about the OTC Release 11.2? Visit the Eurex Clearing Member Section for more details.


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