22 Nov 2021

Eurex Clearing

Introducing T7 Release 10.0: Eurex next consequent step to even better functionality

In keeping with our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best possible service, the latest T7 release comes with a whole lot of new features, changes, and enhancements.

"Our T7 trading architecture is already equipped with cutting-edge technology. To maintain this high standard, regular improvements and further extensions of functionality are key. Our latest release once again offers our customers an extended range of services to fulfill their needs", says Jonas Ullmann, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Executive Board of Eurex.

Among other updates, we will introduce:

A new way to count Futures Spreads in Pre-Trade Risk Limits (PTRL) by introducing a Netting Coefficient (NC) that allows Trading Members to determine how much weight Futures Spreads contribute to calculating the relevant quantity consumptions. 

  • Self-Match Prevention (SMP) and Matching Cascades that will facilitate matching without price level restriction.
  • The staging of RFQs into Eurex EnLight which greatly reduces implementation efforts, allowing easier integration of Eurex EnLight into Order Management Systems (OMS).
  • A new look and feel of our enhanced EnLight GUI, which will be more aligned with Eurex’s existing GUIs.
  • Aggregation of Off-book trade sides that provide an efficient way for initiating block trades with several counterparties.
  • Preparation for our Next Generation Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) contracts that allow for more than one expiration per month on product level and a new contract logic based on DD/MM/YY.

We are launching the T7 Release 10.0 on 22 November 2021.